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1. What is SharePoint?

In the past, you may have come across the need to share files with other people across a network. In order to do this, you just placed the files out on a shared drive. Anyone that has access to these shared drives can then access the files. However, you might want a little more control on who has access to the files, to control what changes can be made, to track who made what changes, etc. You may even want to share files with co-workers located in different parts of the world who do not have direct access to your company network from their location. One solution to accomplish these things and much more is to use Microsoft Office SharePoint. or OneDrive if you have an Office365 account.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server  is an integrated server suite that is Web driven. OneDrive is a sharable storage area in the clouds. This means you use your Internet browser to work with them. It is specifically designed to work with the Office 2007 through 2016 suites (Word, Excel, etc.). The files are stored on a server that is accessed through the Internet.

SharePoint  and OneDrive allow people and teams to easily connect and collaborate. It is not intended to simply replace a full file server or to be a single use solution, but rather it is geared and positioned to enhance current collaboration features in the business and enterprise environment.

To learn more about SharePoint or OneDrive, go to

2. Making Money Through Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is currently one of the fastest and hottest growing Internet businesses in the world. An affiliate program allows anyone with a Web site, belonging to a social network (e.g., MySpace, Facebook, or Friendster), or has E-mail the opportunity to make money by promoting various products or programs. There are currently a number of affiliate programs available on the Internet, for everything from books to computers. is one company well known for its affiliate program. You come across links to their Web site all over the Internet.

In an affiliate program, when visitors to your Web site and/or social network, or recipients of your E-mail, click on an ad or link from you to the affiliate's on-line store, the affiliate site will keep track of them. If they buy a product or service, you'll get a commission. It's that simple! Most affiliate programs are free to join and offer anywhere between 5% to 50% of the sales. They will also provide you with the links (code to give you credit) to their products and services.

Affiliate program links are very easy to set up on your Web site. There is no inventory needed on your part, no shopping cart required, no hassles of signing up for a merchant account. Before you know it, you will be ready to start earning money.

To learn about CDP's affiliate program which offers up to 50% commission on certain products, visit 

3. What’s New - Wifi Internet

Wifi stands fo Wireless Fidelity. It is a computer standard that allows you to connect different computer components without the use of cables. You have probably seen this demonstrated through such things as wireless mice and keyboards. Thus, “Wifi Internet” is the computer standard for connecting to the Internet without having to plug in a network cable. With Wfi Internet you can easily access the Internet with your laptop, cell phone, PDA, or other device with wireless capabilities.

As companies become more competitive for your everyday business, Wifi Internet is becoming more available. You can now pick up Wifi Internet connections almost anywhere. Companies like Starbucks, libraries, and most hotels and airports have made Wifi Internet available to people who need and want it. This means you can be E-mailing your boss a report while sipping on that hot cup of coffee, eating lunch, or while waiting for a flight.

The location where a Wifi Internet connection is available is often referred to as a “Wifi Hotspot.” The Internet access at one of these Wifi Hotspots may be free or you may have to pay a small access fee. Some Wifi Hotspots require you to log into the service (Private) while others do not (Public). It all depends on who is providing the Wifi Internet service. Once logged into a Wifi Hotspot, you can do just about anything you could do on your home Internet connection.

4. What Is A Router?

Most computer users may have or want to have more than one computer system in what is called a LAN (Local Area Network) in order to share computer resources (e.g, drives or printers). They may also want to connect all the computers in their LAN to the Internet without having to pay for full connection service for each individual computer. Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will allow you to share your Internet connection over all your computers. However, in order to share this connection, you need what is called a “Router.”

A router is a device that enables two or more computers to share the same Internet connection. A router will split the connection by creating what are called Dynamic IP numbers for each computer. An IP number is the number a computer is assigned by an ISP in order to talked to the Internet.

Some routers are stand alone devices. In other words, they connect to you cable/DSL modem and the computers on your LAN connect to the router. Others are built right into the cable/DSL modem. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the best source to make the determination whether or not a router is built into your modem. A good clue in determining if a router is built into your cable/DSL modem is whether or not it has ports to connect networking cables (usually a modem/router will have four or more of them).

Most of the newer routers now have wireless capabilities built into them. This means you will be able to connect laptops with wireless capabilities or a PC with a wireless networking card. Wireless means you can put you laptops, PCs, phones, and other devices anywhere in your home or office where you can get a good signal from your router without having to lay cables.

5. Coming In The March 2018 Issue

We will be discussing Windows 10 touch capabilities.


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