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Electronic Constitution
The United States of America

Who would benefit from this program?

1. Students wanting to learn about the U.S. Constitution.
2. People wanting to learn how the U.S. government is organized.
3. People who love history.
4. U.S. citizens wanting to know their rights and make educated choices in the future.

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The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), the enforcement of immigration laws, and the interpretation of the 2nd Amendment are only a few items that have created much controversy and has opened up much discussion on the U.S. Constitution and what rights do the people truly have and what role the government plays in the choices the people make.

The White House of President Obama argued that the ACA was constitutional and was in congress’s right to pass it. Many argue that the ACA is illegal and was passed without voter approval. The Supreme Court ruled the ACA legal since it is actually a tax and does not violate the rights of the people.

Immigration reform is another very controversial topic. Many argue that it is the Congress who can pass and enforce immigration reform, not the President. Many feel that when President Biden took unilateral action on immigration through executive orders, he violated the Constitution and has not secured U.S. borders.

Gun control is another highly debated topic.  Some feel guns need to be highly controlled or completely removed from the average citizen.  Others feel like the country's forefathers that it is the only true protection we have against a tyrannical government or to protect ourselves if the government is incapable.  Many sight events such as the nation wide riots and breakdown of civil control in 2020 that lasted for months n many cities.  When all civil protection from the government broke down, many of the stores and much of the property that stayed secured was due to armed citizens protecting themselves until order was restored by the government.

No matter what side you take over the ACA, immigration reform, gun control, or other hot issues, the sad truth is that most people in America today have little knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, how it came about, and how does it affect their everyday lives.

Ask yourself:

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Do you understand how the U.S. Government is organized?

Do you wonder where your rights as an American come from?

Do you understand the reasoning behind the electoral college used to elect the President and why it was enacted?

Are you confused over how Congress and the Supreme Court works?

Do you want to know more about the U.S. Constitution?

We have developed a program to address these and many other related questions you might have concerning the United States Constitution. This program of ours is called The Electronic Constitution.

In our program you will find:


We have added a special tribute within our program dedicated to all those who love and cherish freedom.

This tribute shows great American heroes, plays patriotic music in the background, displays many U.S. symbols and icons, and gives some history of our "GREAT" Nation.

So get your copy of our program today!


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