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U.S. Constitution
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The Affordable Care Act (ObambaCare) has created much controversy and has opened up much discussion on the U.S. Constitution and what rights do the people truly have and what role does the government play in what choices the people make. The White House has argued that the ACA is constitutional and was in congressís right to pass it. Many argue that the ACA is illegal, was passed without voter approval, and will financially be a disaster. The Supreme Court ruled the ACA is legal since it is actually a tax and does not violate the rights of the people.

No matter what side you take over the ACA, the sad truth is that most people in America today have little knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, how it came about, and how does it affect their everyday lives. Ask yourself:

Do you understand how the U.S. government is organized?

Wondering where your rights as an American come from?

Confused over how Congress works?

Want to know more about the U.S. Constitution?

Well, we at Coronel Data Processing have developed a program to address these and many other related questions you might have concerning the United States Constitution. This program of ours is called The Electronic Constitution.

In our program you will find:

  • The U.S. Constitution
  • Summary and explanations of each part of the Constitution
  • A brief constitutional history
  • A quiz to challenge your Constitutional knowledge
  • A glossary of political terms
  • An explanation on how a bill becomes law
  • The words and music to many patriotic songs
  • And much more!

*This program is delivered electronically via a download link within 24 hours

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All Rights Reserved

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